How to get there

The address of the holiday flat is:
Apartments Franc • Razgledna cesta 7 • 4260 Bled • Slovenia

Nearest airport: Ljubljana Airport  (35 km)

Nearest train station: Bled-Jezero (400 m)

For geocachers:
our satellite coordinates are: N 46° 22.315 E 14° 04.980

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Points of interest

Points of interest around Apartments Franc in Bled

Travelling by car

If you want or need to avoid the tollbooth and possible traffic jams on the A10 Tauern motorway, you could take the Radtstadt exit on the A10 and drive in the direction of Obertauern on the B99. You can then return to the Tauern motorway at Rennweg am Katschberg. Please note however, that the gradient on the Katschberg is up to 15% and the road is considered difficult to drive on. Cars with trailers are not allowed to drive here. Wikipedia This option is prohibited by the authorities during the main tourist season. Please pay attention to the signs.

If you enter Slovenia through the Karawanken tunnel and leave the motorway via the first exit “Jesenice 1” (Hrušica), you do not need a vignette. After the exit, drive in the direction of Jesenice, always straight ahead (Cesta Maršala Tita, Cesta Železarjev, Cesta Borisa Kidriča) in the direction of Lesce and then to Bled.

If you come through the Ljubelj border crossing, continue to Tržič, turn right before the Petrol petrol station and left at the crossroads. After 50 m turn right again and drive towards Brezje pri Tržiču – Hudi graben – Slatna – Begunje – Lesce – Bled.

Travelling by plane…

If you arrive by plane at Brnik Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (LJU) you have several options for getting to Bled.

… Rental car

Traveling from the airport by rental car is certainly the most convenient way to get to Bled. It also makes it easier to explore the surrounding area or go shopping.

You will need a credit card (not a debit card), a valid driver’s license and an identity document. Everything must be in the same name. A reservation in advance is recommended.

Pick-up location: Ljubljana Airport

>> Car rentals <<

… Shuttle Service

A shuttle is a shared taxi that takes you from the airport directly to our front door. Prices start from €13 / person, depending on the day of the week and possibly the number of passengers and luggage. Booking in advance is recommended. You can also book a shuttle service at the airport counter at short notice.

From: Brnik / Airport Ljubljana
To: Razgledna cesta 7 – Bled

>> Shuttle services <<

… Bus

The bus transfer is the cheapest option.
A ticket costs €3.70.
The journey time is just under 40 minutes.

From: Brnik / Airport Ljubljana
To: Bled

The bus stop is in the center of Bled. From there it is about 30 minutes by foot. In summer there are bus connections that will take you from Bled to Bled-Jezero station.

>> Bus connections <<

… Train

Traveling by train costs € 4.30 per person.

Please note that you first have to get to the train station in Kranj (or Ljubljana) and possibly change trains in Jesenice to get to Bled-Jezero station. The train station is only about 400 meters away from our house.

The Lesce-Bled station is about 5 km outside of Bled and is not recommended.

>> Train connections <<

Frequently asked questions

Is there a telephone in the apartment?2022-09-07T16:34:06+02:00

A landline can only be provided if you rent a flat for a longer period of time for business purposes.

Which TV programmes can be received?2022-09-07T19:48:12+02:00

The cable provider’s offer is updated regularly, so we cannot show you a complete programme list. There are about 100 channels, Slovenian, German, English, Italian, Croatian…

Traffic tips2022-09-07T20:04:04+02:00

Here are some important tips that you should bear in mind if you are travelling by car:

Please make additional enquiries before your journey, e.g. at the ADAC. The following information is without guarantee.

slowenien k1  Slovenia

  • Compulsory use of lights: During the day, dipped headlights (or daytime running lights) must be used on all roads.
  • Backing up: The hazard warning lights must be switched on every time the vehicle is reversed.
  • Winter tyres compulsory: from 15.11. to 15.03. and beyond in wintry road conditions
  • Telephoning: Mobile phones may only be used with hands-free equipment
  • Vignette obligation: on motorways
  • Mandatory high-visibility vests

oesterreich k1  Austria

  • Compulsory use of lights: During the day, dipped headlights (or daytime running lights) must be used on all roads.
  • Emergency lanes: On motorways and expressways in the event of traffic jams or congestion.
  • Winter tyres are compulsory from 01.11. to 15.04. of the following year.
  • Telephoning: Mobile phones may only be used with hands-free equipment
  • Vignette obligation: on motorways
  • Mandatory high-visibility vests
20 km/h
too fast
from 50 km/h
too fast
Mobile phone
at the wheel
Red light
Deutschland from 500 0,5 ‰ * from 35 from 240 40 90 – 320 30 – 250 10 – 70
Österreich ** from 300 0,5 ‰ ** from 15 from 30 from 2180 from 50 from 70 from 70 from 20
Slowenien *** from 300 0,5 ‰ *** from 40 from 50 from 300 120 250 from 500 from 40

As of 2015 / Amounts in euros
*     0.0 ‰ for novice drivers in the probationary period or under 21 years of age, regular bus drivers, taxi drivers and drivers of hazardous goods.
**   0.1 ‰ for persons in the probationary period who have held their driving licence for less than two years
*** 0.0 ‰ for professional drivers.

All data without guarantee.

Speed limits for
passenger cars
in town outside town Motorway Hitched vehicles
on the motorway
Deutschland 50 km/h 100 km/h 130 km/h* 80 km/h
Österreich  ** 50 km/h 100 km/h 130 km/h 80 km/h
Slowenien  *** 50 km/h 90 km/h 130 km/h 80 km/h

* Recommended guideline speed
** Speed limit 110 km/h at night on some motorways e.g. A10
*** Car on motorways 110 km/h

All data without guarantee.

Is there an internet connection on site?2023-02-11T17:51:43+01:00

Of course,  an internet connection is available. You can use this at any time in the entire house via Wi-Fi (WLAN). You will need to bring your own laptop, tablet, mobile phone etc. because there are no devices available on site for use.

Do I need to bring a passport or similar?2023-02-11T17:54:50+01:00

For citizens of EU countries, a valid identity card to enter Slovenia is sufficient. For other countries, a passport is required.
Do not forget your driving licence, vehicle documents, insurance certificate (green insurance card) and documents for health insurance.
This information is without guarantee. Please do your research in advance about requirements for identity and travel documents.

We need an identity document from each guest upon arrival to register you.

Is there a washing machine in the holiday flats?2023-02-11T17:55:30+01:00

Yes, there is a washing machine on the first floor. If you have rented the flat on the second floor, you would have to coordinate with the guests on the first floor.
Alternatively, you can go to a launderette in Bled.

Do we have to exchange money?2023-02-11T17:58:22+01:00

Slovenia has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and has the Euro as its national currency. You can bring money with you, or withdraw it from numerous ATMs, and payment by card is also possible in many places.

Can we pay in cash on site?2022-09-07T20:13:32+02:00

Unfortunately not. We used to have the option, but there were often discrepancies. The bank transfer is the safest way for both sides. We can record a clean receipt of money and you have irrefutable proof that you have paid.

How many stars do the holiday flats have?2022-09-07T20:15:50+02:00

The flats have been awarded the 3-star category.

How do we get the key for the apartment?2022-09-07T20:16:47+02:00

You will receive the key on site from our key safe. You will receive the code shortly before arrival.

How to communicate in Bled?2022-09-07T20:18:06+02:00

Due to their school education and proximity to the Austrian border, many Slovenians understand German and English – the older ones more German and the younger ones more English. In restaurants and shops, you can actually manage well with German. Of course, you can also speak Slovenian. 🙂

Why are you asking for a deposit?2022-09-07T20:19:52+02:00

With a deposit you confirm the booking and we have a small security for the booked period.

Check-out: What time do we have to leave the flat(s)?2023-02-11T18:10:40+01:00

We kindly ask you to leave the flat by 10.00 a.m. on the morning of your departure, as the cleaning service will then come to prepare the flat for the next guests.

Check-in: What time can we access the apartment?2023-02-11T18:08:00+01:00

Check-in is possible from 3pm.
If the flat is ready before 3pm, we will let you know.

Can we take a day trip to the sea?2024-01-05T16:33:06+01:00

You can easily drive to the Slovenian coast via the motorway. The drive takes about 1.5-2 hours (165 km). The towns of Piran, Koper, Portorož and Izola are well worth a visit. From Koper it is only about 10km to Trieste/Italy. Another tip is Venice: distance approx. 270 km. Day trips are offered from Bled by bus or you can drive yourself. You can find more tips under Surrounding.

How far is it to the next…?2023-02-11T18:07:00+01:00
  • Bakery: approx. 500 m
  • Café or nearest small bar: “Hlapon” at the railway station, approx. 400 m
  • Restaurant at the rowing club: approx. 500 m as the crow flies
  • Restaurant at Hotel Triglav: approx. 300 m
  • Lake / bathing facilities: 500 m as the crow flies (5-10 minutes walk)
  • Supermarket: approx. 900 m
  • Centre of Bled: approx. 1.2 km as the crow flies
  • Petrol station: approx. 3 km (at the entrance to Bled)
  • E-charging station: 300 m in front of Hotel Triglav
Are there any shopping possibilities in Bled?2023-02-11T18:06:09+01:00

Of course! In Bled you have 5-6 supermarkets around the lake.
Please note: Grocery shops are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

You will find clothes and souvenir shops in the centre of Bled, many around Ljubljanska cesta.

Apartment Franc in Bled, Slovenia / POI
Where is the holiday flat located?2022-09-07T20:29:56+02:00

Bled is located in Upper Carniola, not far from the Austrian border on the edge of the Triglav National Park.
The house with the holiday flats is located in Bled in a quiet residential area without significant through traffic, north-west of the lake.

Plug sockets in Slovenia2023-08-26T11:14:06+02:00

In Slovenia the power plug sockets are of type F, also known as “Schuko”.

This socket works with plug C and plug F.

The mains voltage is 230 V / 50 Hz.

Check this website:

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